Premier plan

Our goal is to assist those who are currently credit challenged and still strive to purchase the vehicle of their dreams. By consciously following the "customer guidelines" and keeping in touch with your sales representative at Premier, not only can we upgrade your current vehicle but we can show you the way to build amazing credit!

Premier Plan

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Premier Promises...

The Premier Plan is a unique offer for credit challenged customers, the goal being to get you into the car of your dreams. This amazing opportunity is aimed at helping customers who experience credit challenges driving the car of their dreams in as short as 12 to 18 Months!

While many who are credit challenged feel that getting the vehicle of their dreams is not possible, the Premier Plan makes that very idea possible. The Premier Plan improves your credit by getting you in a vehicle you can afford, making sure your payments are being made on time, and eventually upgrading that vehicle , lowering you interest rate, and putting you in a new vehicle! Because of Premier’s relationship with Credit Acceptance Corporation (CAC) we can work to get you approved on a nicer car than you predicted you would be able to afford.

CAC is different than traditional dealer financing in one very important way. CAC reports to the Credit Bureau. This means that in 6 months of making your payments on time and a couple other recommendations you can see a significant increase in your credit score.

In 6 months you return to us having made your payments on time and followed the recommendations and upgrade to a nicer vehicle with a loan from institutions such as Crescent Bank & Trust or Cap 1.

In the next 12 months, if you have followed all of the customer guidelines, you should qualify for a nicer used vehicle or maybe even a new vehicle at a 0 – 3% interest rate because you have experienced a 100 -150 point increase in your credit score through the Premier 6 – 12 Plan!

"I started using the Premier Plan program a little over a year ago. I followed it exactly and went from a very low credit score to the mid 600’s, which has qualified me to purchase a home! I had to have a higher score to purchase than normal as I was using government funding for the down payment. It truly works.”

- Michele from Meraux

Customer Guidelines

Customer Guidelines - Premier Plan
  1. Make all your payments on time.
    • (Tip) Have the finance company do a direct withdrawal from your bank so you do not have to remember to make a payment.
    • When trying to build your credit you cannot go into the 10 day grace period.
  2. Deposit all funds in your bank. A bank statement is proof of income. Any deposits are considered income, so if you make money on the side, deposit into your account first then withdraw it.
  3. Don’t write a bad check.
    • (Tip) Make sure you have overdraft protection with the bank if possible!
  4. Limit any increase in debt and try and keep all revolving credit (credit cards) under 50%.
    • You will get a lot of credit card approvals after the purchase of your vehicle. Take up one. (If there are 2 purchasers then 2 cards)
    • For the first 3 months do nothing but charge gas on it and pay it off when the bill comes in. Then after that never go above 50% of your limit. When you get your bill you pay double the required amount until it is paid down to (ZERO) then you can start all over again.
  5. Maintain a current proof of residency. Have mail (bills) delivered to your residency.
  6. Monitor your credit score and address any discrepancies quickly.
    • Make sure that items on your credit report are your items and not someone else’s.
    • It can takes 30 days to put something on your credit report and up to 6 months to get it off
  7. Payoff any outstanding debt if possible or work with lender on payment plan. If they will not put you on a payment plan and you send them $10.00 per month for each bill and they cash your check they are agreeing to your terms. If they try to get you to settle for less than what you owe to not take their offer, as it goes on your credit CREDITOR PAID 0 BALANCE PARTIAL PAYMENT. When building your credit you do not want to have this on your credit report.

“There were no words to explain it [The Premier Plan]. I can remember when I was on the internet thinking of buying a car. I was ready, but my credit wasn’t ready. I filled out the questionnaire on Premier’s website and got a call telling me to come in. They looked at my credit and were able to put me in a 2011 vehicle. I haven’t purchased a car in about 10-15 years bc of my credit issues. They were able to make it happen and I was blown away; I never thought I would be able to get a new car. I was at a very high interest rate, but the finance manager told me to come back in 6 months after I paid all my notes on time.

I kept that in the back of my head and made sure I paid my notes on time. At the 7th month I called and said I was ready to get my interest rate lowered. I was refinanced to 2.9% and my credit rating had sky rocketed because I was faithful in doing what I was supposed to do in paying my note on time. I am now in a brand new 2012 Toyota!?"

- Mrs. Bogan from New Orleans

Disclaimer: All ‘certified’ vehicles are PREMIER certified not manufacturer certified. Credit approval not guaranteed. Future credit approval, vehicle upgrades, and interest rate reduction are not guaranteed.