Our goal is to assist those who are currently credit challenged and still strive to purchase the vehicle of their dreams. By consciously following the "customer guidelines" and keeping in touch with your sales representative at Premier, not only can we upgrade your current vehicle** but we can show you the way to build amazing credit**!

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The Premier Plan is a unique offer for credit-challenged customers, the goal being to get you into the car of your dreams. This amazing opportunity is aimed at helping credit-challenged customers be able to drive away in the car of their dreams in as little as 12 to 18 months.**

While many customers who are credit challenged do not believe it is possible to buy the vehicle of their dream, by following the Premier Plan, the dream could become the reality. The Premier Plan's suggested guidelines when followed, can improve your credit and over time, allow you to purchase or lease a new vehicle.** Often, because of Premier's relationship with Credit Acceptance Corporation (CAC), we can help you purchase a better car than you predicted that you could afford.**

CAC reports to the Credit Bureau. This means that in 6 months of making your payments on time and a couple other recommendations you can see a significant increase in your credit score. his means that in as little as six months of making your payments on time and following the other recommendations, you should see a material increase in your credit score.**

In approximately 12 to 18 months, if you have followed all of the recommendations, you should notice material improvement in your credit score. And if you meet the other minimum lending requirements, such as minimum income and credit score, you should qualify for a better vehicle at a good interest rate.


1- Make all your payments on time.

  • (Tip) Have the finance company do a direct withdrawal from your bank so you do not have to remember to make a payment.
  • When trying to build your credit you cannot go into the 10 day grace period.

2- Deposit all funds in your bank.

A bank statement is proof of income. Any deposits are considered income, so if you make money on the side, deposit into your account first then withdraw it.

3- Don’t bounce any checks.

Any checks written with insufficient funds in your bank account.

4- Limit any increase in debt and try and keep all revolving credit (credit cards) under 50%.

  • You may receive several credit card pre-approvals after you purchase your vehicle. If you do not already have a credit card, you may want to accept one offer with the lowest interest rate or annual fee as a way to help build your credit score.
  • For the first few months, just charge your gas purchases and pay it off when the bill arrives. If you cannot pay it off in full, pay at least double the minimum payment. It is best to never allow any of your credit balances to exceed 50% of your credit limit.

5- Maintain a current proof of residence. Have mail (bills) delivered to your residency.

6- Monitor your credit score and address any discrepancies quickly.

  • Make sure that items on your credit report are your items and not someone else’s.
  • It can take 30 days or more for something to appear on your credit report and six months or more to remove inaccurate information from your credit report.

7- Payoff any outstanding debt if possible or work with lender on payment plan.

If your lender makes you an offer where you can pay them less than what you owe, please be aware that accepting such an offer can negatively affect your credit score. When building your credit, you normally want to avoid credit settlements. .

**Results may vary. Your ability to be approved for a different vehicle or credit will depend on a variety of factors including the vehicle price, whether the vehicle is new or used, your income, work history, your expenses, your credit score, your payment history, current market interest rates, and specific lender guidelines. Not all customers will qualify for a better vehicle.